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Trans Cool

Synthetic machine tool coolant

From $219.00 MSRP


TRANS COOL is a synthetic cutting fluid and coolant that contains no silicone and has a special corrosion inhibitor to protect finish work from flash rusting. For use in machining operations including grinding, tapping, drilling, and lathing. A combination of dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers, and wetting agents enables it to perform with a chemical action that gives exceptional cooling, while providing lower cutting tool temperatures, by transforming heat to the coolant solution. TRANS COOL reduces tool burning and increases tool life. Water miscible in all proportions producing crystal clear solutions. Does not rust parts and equipment. Biodegradable. Does not become rancid as ordinary oil-based products do. Produces better finish and cleaner cutting. For all work on stainless steel, solid steel, iron, aluminum, and brass.

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6 GAL, 20 GAL, 30 GAL, 55 GAL

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