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Multi-purpose solvent cleaner

12x15 oz cans


In stock


SPEEDY is a heavy duty solvent cleaner and degreaser with a flush action spray. This advanced formula quickly and thoroughly removes oil, grease, lubricants, dirt, tar, and sludge, as well as other contaminants. Dries fast without leaving a residue. Safe for use on most industrial equipment such as gears, shafts, levers, and other machine parts, tools, engine parts, bearings, hydraulics, chains, seals, bushings, and much more. Contains no chlorinated solvents that could contaminate waste oil. SPEEDY is non-corrosive to metals. It can also be used on de-energized circuit boards and electric motors, molds, and machinery parts. SPEEDY increases performance and prolongs equipment life by removing contaminated lubricants and grime.

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