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About Marco Chemicals

Marco offers a comprehensive range of products designed for the toughest environments. Our lineup includes hand soaps, high-quality cleaners, disinfecting solutions, and other specialty products, all made in the USA.

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Locally owned. American made.

Since day one, Marco has been committed to community – our diverse vendors, suppliers, and customers around the globe. We’re driven by our unwavering customer-first commitment and desire to keep building and keep innovating.

A family-run business for nearly 40 years, we continue to deliver top-quality products, services, and custom formulations, built to tackle heavy-duty cleaning and invisible contamination on hands and surfaces.

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Committed to Our Customers First

Underscoring our products and services is our unwavering commitment to quality, performance, and customer support. Partnering with Marco not only guarantees professional service but also an unparalleled customer experience that transforms clients into long-term partners.

Our expert team is available anytime to assist with product and service recommendations, troubleshooting, and more. And if you can’t find the solution you need? We’ll create custom formulations or oversee white labeling and toll processing and packaging based on your unique specifications.

Our Industries

We’re more than just a chemical solutions provider. We’re a partner in progress across a diverse range of sectors. From the robust demands of the industrial and oilfield sectors to the specialized needs of entertainment and federal agencies, our expertise spans wide to serve the unique requirements of each industry. Explore how our tailored solutions are powering progress.

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Powering the backbone of manufacturing and production with specialized chemical solutions tailored for industrial applications.


Partnering with local governments to offer advanced chemical products that enhance public services and infrastructure.

User Helmet Safety Regular | Marco Chemicals


Delivering dependable chemical agents that streamline routine upkeep and ensure longevity of equipment and facilities.

School Regular | Marco Chemicals


Serving educational and organizational establishments with tailored solutions that foster safe and efficient environments.

Oil Well Regular | Marco Chemicals


Pioneering advanced chemical formulations that optimize oil and gas extraction, processing, and transport operations.

Jet Fighter Regular | Marco Chemicals


Strengthening defense and military endeavors with robust, high-performance chemical solutions designed for resilience and efficacy.

Tv Retro Regular | Marco Chemicals


Enhancing the world of entertainment with specialized chemical agents that ensure safety, cleanliness, and optimal performance of equipment and venues.

Ballot Check Regular | Marco Chemicals


Collaborating with federal agencies to develop compliant and efficient chemical solutions that support large-scale operations and national objectives.