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Non-flammable 4-way penetrant

12x15 oz cans


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P-4 has a unique combination of penetrating lubricants, rust preventatives, and water displacers that penetrate through corrosion, grease, grime, dirt, and rust to get to the metal; loosening up frozen nuts, stuck piston rods, seized shafts, stubborn hinges, and other hard to move parts. P-4 stops squeaks, protects metals, loosens rusted parts, and frees sticky mechanisms. P-4 is NON-FLAMMABLE, making it a safer penetrating lubricant than most other extremely flammableproducts. P-4 provides a rust-inhibiting barrier to protect metal from destructive corrosive elements. This enables equipment to run smoother, look better, and last longer. P-4 safely displaces water on distributors, ignition wires, and electrical switches.

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