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HS refill kit

2/2.5 GAL - Cleaner and degreaser

"2x2.5-gallon case (part A)
2x2.5-gallon case (part B)"


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HS is a solvent free, super concentrated, two part cleaner designed to handle all your floor cleaning needs. By mixing the parts (A and B) together with water, it will yield a concentrate that can be further diluted for various cleaning task. This highly versatile cleaner can be used in a wide range of applications from light cleaning, concrete floors, and heavy industrial degreasing. HS produces a spontaneous emulsification of grease and oils. It breaks them up and holds it in suspension for easy removal and rinsing. Prevents oils from re-depositing on cleaned surfaces. HS can be used to clean up oil slicks and spills and to degrease equipment around oil rigs. Excellent bilge cleaner.

START UP KIT contains two cases: 1) 2×2.5-gallon case of part A, 2) 2×2.5-gallon case of part B, one (1) empty 55-gallon drum, one (1) high pressure hose and one (1) DEMA 4-gpm blend center.

REFILL KIT contains two cases : 1) 2×2.5-gallon case of part A, 2) 2×2.5-gallon case of part B.

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