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Citra Jel

Gelled asphalt & tar remover

From $462.00 MSRP


CITRA-GEL, a non-petroleum solvent cleaner that is water rinseable. CITRA-GEL is an environmentally safe, thickened liquid that features a unique ability to “cling” to surfaces, making this product a highly effective tar and asphalt remover for use in construction, roofing, asphalt paving, and industrial markets. CITRA-GEL is synergized with a combination of naturally occurring organic solvent, detergents, penetrating agents, and emulsifiers that have been gelled to make it cling to vertical surfaces, preventing waste and prolonging cleaning action. CITRA-GEL is ideal for use on most surfaces to rapidly penetrate, soften, and dissolve asphalt, coal tar bitumen, asphalt based plastic cement, primer, roofing adhesive, tape residue, grease, oil, and other similar soils and allow them to be easily rinsed away with water. CITRA-GEL is outstanding for cleaning road paving equipment, distributor tank trucks, rear end distributor sprayers, asphalt plants, chutes, silo gates, drag shafts and conveyors, asphalt rollers, kettles, trucks, road machinery, tar, and asphalt heating pots, mops, brooms, shovels, engines and other similar type equipment. This product may be used for removing splatter from concrete driveways and dissolving stains from vehicle oil leaks or rubber marks on sidewalk. Used as directed, it works safely on vehicles, clothing, and upholstery. CITRA-GEL does not attack aluminum or copper but may attack some plastic.

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4×1-R GAL CS, 6 GAL, 30 GAL, 55 GAL

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