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Granular odor neutralizer

40 lb pail


In stock


Use a little SCATTER and big odors disappear! Scientifically formulated for heavy-duty applications. Effectively counteracts malodors at landfill sites, in sewage treatment plants, lift stations, manure piles, in garbage and refuse trucks dumpster operations, restaurant dumpsters, and hospitals. For use in absorption and counteracting of odors from emesis and human and animal fecal/urine waste. • Instantly neutralizes malodors • Absorbs odor-causing spills • Provides long-lasting odor control • Excellent for use on cruise liners and sailing vessels • Suppresses gaseous malodors in waste management operations and sewage operations • Destroys trash and garbage odors • Ideal for dumpsters and compactors • Biodegradable • V.O.C. compliant

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