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All natural floor cleaner

6-gallon pail


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MARCO-JEL contains natural ingredients that are specially formulated to maintain and beautify quarry and ceramic tile floors as well as marble, terrazzo, concrete, vinyl, and other resilient and hard surface floors while leaving a visible sheen. MARCO-JEL is designed to emulsify and remove grease and soil from grout line and remove soapy build-up from floor surfaces. For initial cleaning of grout line, a stiff bristled brush may be necessary to help remove the embedded grease and soil. When used as a directed, you can maintain this appearance by using MARCO-JEL as your daily routine floor cleaner. In kitchen areas, we recommend using MARCO-JEL after each cooking shift. MARCO-JEL is a low foamer and an ideal cleaner for both mopping and for use in scrubbing machines. Excellent cleaning power, without excessive sudsing, makes for quick and easy cleaning. MARCO-JEL is guaranteed not to corrode equipment, provide a visible sheen without slip hazard, reduce resoiling, and deodorizes as it cleans.

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