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Neutral all-purpose cleaner

From $116.00 MSRP


NEUTRACLEAN is for those difficult cleaning jobs that require a mild neutral cleaner. A special blend of wetting agents, detergents, and emulsifiers gives this product the necessary tools needed to tackle and cut through grease, grime, and dirt while remaining mild enough to leave delicate materials unharmed.  NEUTRACLEAN has the versatility to safely clean just about any hard, non-porous surface. NEUTRACLEAN fights against grime and filth for use on floors, walls, tile, terrazzo, concrete, woodwork, enamel, porcelain, windows, and metal surfaces. It is also biodegradable in hard or soft water. When you need a mild neutral cleaner that has the power to fight through grease and other soils, get NEUTRACLEAN by Marco.

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4×1-R GAL CS, 6 GAL, 20 GAL, 30 GAL, 55 GAL

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