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Drain Flo

Alkaline drain opener

12x1-quart (32 oz) bottles


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Marco’s DRAIN FLO is a super-potent alkaline drain opener and maintainer that liquefies grease, oils, soap scum, and other organic matter in drains. It cleans clogged drains fast, helps reduce bad odors, and protects plumbing systems. Non-fuming. Keeps drain lines open and thus reduces malodors generated by rancid material. DRAIN FLO converts grease-like matter from hard and insoluble to soapy water soluble material. DRAIN FLO penetrates deep and works fast to dissolve clogging materials. It is harmless to pipes, rubber, and septic tanks when used as directed. DRAIN FLO is unlike regular drain pipe cleaners. It does not form hard soap on contact with grease; rather, it actually liquifies organic materials so they flow easily through drains. DRAIN FLO is concentrated, therefore it is more economical and efficient to use.

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