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Drain line treatment

4x1-gallon case; pour-style handle


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This unique, highly concentrated, thickened bacterial formulation consumes the build up that accumulates over time in drains, grease traps, dumpster, garbage cans, sinks, etc. By clinging to sides of pipes and drain lines, it increases contact for more effective treatment. INTELLI-GEL’s next generation microbes germinate rapidly by sensing and identifying the specific food source such as long chain fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, grease, oils, and fats, which are a primary component of build-up in and around food processing areas. Foul odors are directly addressed by attacking the normal biological product of odor causing compounds, like hydrogen sulfide and rancid fatty acids, and the stench of food degradation. Fruit flies, drain flies, filter flies, gnats, and other food preparation dwelling insects are virtually unattached to the customary areas where INTELLI-GEL is used on a regular preventative maintenance basis.

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