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Sili Lube

Silicone lubricant

20-gallon drum


In stock


SILI LUBE is an oil-based silicone lubricant that is an excellent release agent for use with all mold materials such as steel, aluminum, epoxy resins, rubber, concrete, and elastomers. It has no corrosive or other harmful effect on the mold. A thin coating of SILI LUBE does not alter dimensions or detail in the mold. Stops sticking of drawers, windows, doors, screens, zippers, locks, truck moldings, and car doors. Eliminates annoying squeaks in hinges, latches, and springs, etc. Retards corrosion and protects battery terminals, tools, guns, skates, aluminum windows and doors, etc. Waterproofs ignition systems and spark plugs. Prevents jamming and production slow down. It also eliminates sticking of foreign matter to metal surfaces such as snowplows, concrete trucks, lawn mowers, and various machinery. Lubricating film remains effective in temperatures ranging from -40° to 450°F.

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