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Grape One

Floating lift station degreaser

From $465.00 MSRP


GRAPE ONE is a floating solvent system possessing degreasing and deodorizing properties. It cleans lift stations, eliminates grease balls and keeps digesters from sticking. GRAPE ONE will clean vertical surfaces on lift stations, wet wells, and similar treatment facilities. Added directly to wet wells, it effortlessly cleans and degreases as water level fluctuates. It also “seals” offensive odors, containing those emitted from lift stations. GRAPE ONE can be used to remove accumulated sewage, grease, oils, fats, calcium soaps, fatty acids, and magnesium soaps that have formed deposits on walls. GRAPE ONE will help return station to optimum efficiency by removing or substantially reducing debris which can reduce volume capacity of wet wells and omit offensive odors.

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6 GAL, 30 GAL, 55 GAL

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