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Fast Off

Stove and oven cleaner

From $77.00 MSRP


FAST OFF works fast to rid ovens and griddle of crusty, burned food residue. The strong alkali, detergent builders, and surfactants in FAST OFF penetrate, emulsify, and saponify soil, food, grease and carbon deposits from all hard surfaces. Its gelling formula clings anywhere, including vertical surfaces, and is easy to use. Simply use a trigger sprayer on a FAST OFF handy, user-friendly, convenient quart, or apply by rag/sponge to almost any surface. Within a few short minutes, baked-on grease and food debris begins to break up. FAST OFF is concentrated for economy and strength. So, when it’s time to remove baked-on foods and carbon deposits, cut through it with FAST OFF.

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12×1 QT DZ, 4×1-R GAL CS, 20 GAL, 30 GAL, 55 GAL

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